Sunday, 20 December 2015

What do you look for in man?

"Thank you" she said
"For what?" I asked
"For bringing me here for a walk.
It's a really nice place"

"I'm glad to share the walk with you" I gave back.
"Please allow me to say again you look lovely."
I was finally sharing time with her
This warm-smiled lady granted me a date.

"So, what do you look for in a man?" I asked
She giggled. "Correction, I don't look for a man.
The man should find me in my beauty state"
", what qualities would you want in a man?" I rephrased

"Well, I'd like him to be passionate about what he does,
Forward looking with engaging conversations,
A listener, speaks his mind, captivating, funny, fun.
I want him to water me with wise words and affection.

I would love if he cares to find me out,
Interested in my thoughts, my opinions.
A man who dines at the table of the Lord yet also romantic.
I want someone mature to build a future with.

Someone who attracts me spiritually, emotionally and physically
With a strong yet gentle heart,
Who takes notes when love is teaching a lesson.
And a man who will give me room and let me love him"

"Wow!!! I see you smiling just giving the answer
I bet you'll make a wonderful wife." I gave my thoughts.
"Thank you, I know I will, all I need is the right man.
What about you? What do you look for in a woman?"

I stopped walking, paused the walk, eyes on her,
"I look for you." I said
"I have found you and I want to make us work.
I am hoping you see in me the man you have described."


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