Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Young adult in my life

There are the times when you sit and think and analyse your life and come to the conclusion that you need someone to talk to. Don't get me wrong, I would really want the services of a psychiatrist but when I just think of the hours, sessions and payments to be made... I would rather stick to looking for non- charging individuals (close friend, best friend, friend-who-has funny-and-witty-remarks) who might end up giving their opinions instead of listening.

Actually this is better than silence. Holding it all in and acting as though I have it all together is an act that I have never quite mastered to the core. I end up looking like an insomniac, depressed and about to quit on life. Not good! I start to think of how my life sucks and that nothing is really going to work out... I know, positive thoughts = positive results... But hey! am HUMAN. I can't help it if I sulk for a while just to get over the depressive feelings I have over my current situation. Don't deny it, you've been here, through this road... confused on a way forward.

Well, there is always an upside to whenever you feel this way. One unexpected person will always cheer you up... Even if it may be for a short while. In my case, it's the young adult in my life. Just at 2 years old and she has the angelic and psychic power to note when am not okay. We call her young adult as she behaves quite like an adult, despite her age. Being a young mum bestows a sense of responsibility upon you. Stereotyping of young mums, day- to- day challenges of being the 20 something (under 25) you are, relationships musings, employment things and general life; have a way of making you feel older than you actually are.

She then dashes in, screaming and laughing (not swoop in like Superman but with the terrible twos in tow), just to jump on you, calling you 'Mama, Mama' as she cradles your face in her tiny hands. Trying to talk and mumble some sentence but all you can get is 'pepeti', 'mamasos' and dodon'. Well, as time goes buy you get to learn this other language and translations being, spaghetti, tomato sauce and Nickelodeon (in that order). Quite the simplest way to say, "I want food and cartoons."

A smile comes to your face as you realise what she is trying to tell you. The joy it brings to a mother to see her daughter try to construct sentences or pronounce words, is satisfying to me. With that fleeting chance to have a smile and forget my troubles, I am just grateful to have my young adult. I just have to appreciate the good moments she brings and get back to yelling as she tries to climb the stairs or scroll my phone. Aiyaya!

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