Saturday, 5 December 2015


Your partner is not perfect, neither are you. 

If your partner was perfect, your partner won't need you; our inadequacies and want make us need each other.
Your partner has weaknesses because love is strength.
Your partner has flaws because love improves.
Your partner has shortcomings because love goes the distance.
Your partner will make mistakes because love corrects and in finding solutions two people become closer.

Too often we look for the end result, we look for perfection, a perfect partner. But love is actually walking with that imperfect partner to the desired end result. If your partner was fully established there would be nothing to build as a couple. Don't look at your partner's imperfections as excuses not to love, but as reasons to love, reasons to be of impact and use. 

Love makes us better, and as you make your partner better, as you refuse to give up on your partner but patiently understand your partner and see love as a continual process to become more; you will notice that even you are becoming a better person - Even you are not perfect, even you have areas that need improvement and you need someone to improve with you, you need someone to improve you.

Stop searching for a partner who is perfect, yet you are not perfect. Even your current greatest areas of success still have room for improvement, as long as you breathe, there's more ahead. Chances to grow.

Instead, search for someone who needs you and will keep needing you, someone who will keep you because you add value, someone who will say, "I am not letting you go because you make me better and I make you better." 

Love is when two imperfect people grow together!

by Dayan Masinde

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