Tuesday, 15 December 2015


She prayed to God saying,

 "Dear lord, bring me a man who loves You like I do.
A man whose heart will not be just after mine,
But ultimately yours. 
Bring me a man who You have been teaching wisdom, 
A man who has been allowing You
To work with him and in him 
As You have been doing with me and in me...

He will have a different testimony than mine
but we will share our faith in You.
Bring me a man who will understand
when I say how good You are my God.
A man that I will worship you together with...
A man who values sex and sees it as something special,
A man who respects the idea of man and woman,
The idea of marriage that You created...

A man who will correct me when I am wrong
and who will let me correct him when he is off.
A man who will encourage me, strengthen me, inspire me
and I in return....
A man who besides using the strength You have given him
will turn to You because You are his anchor and refuge...
A man who will pray for me and with me...

Send me a man whose love will extend beyond him and I.
He will be good to his and my family,
Good to friends, good to strangers...
A man who will turn to You, his Heavenly Father
To teach him fatherhood...
He won't be unfaithful to me,
just as he won't be unfaithful to You.
His loving me will be to Your glory and honor...

A man who I join in Your will to provide...
A man who will be patient with me
But also challenge me to grow...

A man who when I look at and think of
He will remind me of You
Because he is Your gift to me and I to him. 

And as we walk years in love,
Let it be a journey of three-
You at the center holding our hands,
Leading us, nurturing us, teaching us!"

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