Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Taking stock- December

This is my first taking stock post...  Still learning. Hope you do enjoy.

Making:  plans for an awesome birthday weekend to come.
Cooking:  lots of food for the weekend.
Drinking:  water but not enough.
Reading:  not much lately. 
Wanting:  to sleep and just relax for a day.
Looking:  forward to my daughter's 3rd birthday on 24th Dec. Christmas blessing and my birthday on 5th Jan... Whoop! Whoop!
Playing:  2048 on the phone. Very addictive.
Deciding:  on the best way forward for myself.
Wishing:  everyone I love could be happy, healthy and wealthy enough, not to struggle.
Enjoying: my new job.
Waiting:  to finally relax fro a while over the Christmas break.
Liking:  the possible adventures to come.
Wondering:  what to buy for my daughter on her birthday.
Loving:  the comments on Jimmy Gait's Hello cover. I love Kenyans.
Pondering: whether I should grow my hair or leave it short.
Buying:  birthday gifts soon.
Watching:  honest trailers and best vines with my bro. (sleepless nights)
Hoping:  that I can finish a shaggy carpet order in time.
Marveling:  at the progress I've made since the beginning of the year.
Cringing:  over some clothes I bought in the past years.
Needing:  lots of hugs and affection lately.
Questioning:  why we have to age and why does time have to go by so quickly.
Smelling:  tasty bites from the kitchen.
Wearing:  Burberry Weekend. Love this scent.
Noticing:  that I'm a perfectionist on some things.
Knowing:  that I should get my finances in order.
Thinking:  that I should save up for a better phone.
Admiring:  the courage that the Muslims had in the Mandera bus attack to stand for the Christians and against the Al Shabaab. May God (Allah) be with you.
Sorting: my thoughts. I really should get a Nothing box.
Bookmarking:  the thought catalog articles.
Coveting:  clarity, peace and happiness.
Disliking:  that the face of my favorite watch, cracked into pieces. I'll get to repairing it.
Opening:  my mind to ideas, thoughts and new possibilities for 2016.
Giggling:  at the tolo tolo video, every time I watch it. This kid is hilarious.
Feeling:  a bit emotional lately
Snacking:  on a lot of peanuts and samosas lately.
Helping:  a friend or at least I try.
Hearing:  lots of Christmas jingles... It's Christmas... Time to eat.
Praying: our neighbor Burundi. A lot of lives being lost. May God be with them.

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