Friday, 11 November 2011

Beautiful and brainy

Noticed how most is beautiful but no brains?
Noticed how most is brainy but no looks?

This happens how come?

Hard to come by
Beautiful and brainy is,
Like rain in the Sahara
Rare stones they are.

Given to them many assumptions.
Either, they have to be
Neither, they can't be
Not by choice
Rather by noise.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tears of love

Hi there,
I do love writing poems and most of which are about what am feeling at that exact moment of writing. I write what am feeling in my heart. In times when you feel you love somebody so much, one way or the other, you may find yourself shedding a tear or two for the person. I won't lie. I do that. So at one time when I did, I dedicated this poem to the person.............

A prayer to God, every time I say,
To help you and be with you.
In tears, I end up
Because I love you so much.
And the love overflows
Out through my tears, it pours.

Tears of love so overwhelming
Because I have been loved
And had the chance of loving back.

Tears of love ever so true
Because I always want to be with you.

Tears of love ever so special
Because you mean a lot to me.

Tears of love
That I would love to shed
For YOU!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Little things that brighten up my day.

Life as we know it is hard...... Kenyan life infact. Hustle for cash, hustle for credit, hustle for anything you think will help u get through........... But all in all, any struggling and hardworking Kenyan finds themselves laughing their hearts out in the middle of the nerve wrecking struggle.
It might be the bodaboda guy scared out of his seat by the unexpected blare of a matatu or the lady dressed up for a date only to trip in the mud and have a 'beautiful' tie and dye outfit. It might be the makanga who decides to greet and bid goodbye to every passenger who bodes his matatu or the funny musings and questions from your neighbor's kid. (Most times they are annoying.....)
Anyway, mine comes from the many forwarded texts i get from loved ones, friends and family. Some of them just crack me up and i count them as blessings. Talking about them, I have just received one as I write. Kenyans have perfected this art with some being very artistic. Some of them.............

1.) A wife is like a TV and a girlfriend like a phone. At home, you watch TV but when you go out, you take your phone. When you have no money, you sell your TV and when you get the money, you charge your phone. Sometimes you enjoy TV but most of the time you play with your phone. a TV is big and bulky but a phone is slim and curvy. The list goes on but most importantly, TVs do not get viruses! True

2.) The Kalenjin version of the cartoon 'Ed, Edd n Eddy' is Kip, Kipchir n Kipchirchir. I lack words to comment on this.

3.) Good news. Promotion in heaven. Die now and get into heaven without judgement. Offer runs til 10pm tonight. Hurry while offer lasts. Pass on to other sinners like you. Be careful who you send this to. A case of attempted suicide was reported in the newspapers after someone got this.

4.) Dear friend, we have come a long way and i really appreciate you. I have been nominated in the category of best friends in the upcoming Chaguo la Teeniez awards. TO vote for me, kindly dial *140*50*072*******#. Please note this sms is toll free. Please forward to your other pals to give me a higher chance. Thanks. Woe unto you if you do not confirm the categories for the awards. You will the best provider of free airtime.

5.) Kenyans have classified sex mates in different mobile service categories:-
      Malaya ni prepaid, 
      Girlfriend ni postpaid, 
      Wife ni unlimited, 
      Mboch ni bonga points, 
      Workmate ni please call me, 
      Jirani ni okoa Jahazi and 
      Sugar mummies ni feelanga free.......... this just puts a smile on my face.

6.) How to know if you are normal
         1. you have a facebook account
         2. you have a blackberry
         3. you watch MTV
         4. you are fully aware of adult stuff
         6. you register to unlimited texts
         7. you sleep late
         9. you were so busy you forgot to read number 5
       10. you actually scroll up again to see if there is no. 5
             (don't worry there is no number 8 as well.)
       11. now you are smiling possibly laughing to yourself.
             Then you realize, perhaps you are not as normal as you once thought.
    Pass this on and make everyone laugh. Seriously, i did laugh at myself because I went back to check no. 5 and i do not have a facebook account...........

7.)     , / / / ,      
       (   .  .   )
        <(    )>
        _ /   \_
Unakumbuka hii picha yako ya utotoni, uliniambia nikuwekee? Chukua tu. Me inanichekesha sana...... ( DO you remember this baby photo of  you that you told me to keep for you? Just take it because i can't stop laughing.)..............This is really funny stupid. If there's anything like that.

All in all, these just summarises the fact that Kenyans never tire of coming up with creative texts to send. Forward them to those you love and make someone smile today despite the hardships they may be facing.......... :-)

What we crave to know

She stood next to him, unable to understand his thoughts and feelings. Knowing what he felt was the one thing that would best satisfy her. Reading thoughts was the power she craved for. Just to be at peace with herself.

He gazed into her eyes with a deep dark stare that ran a shiver down her spine. Immobile for a while, he stood there not saying a word. Thoughts rushing in and out of him. Emotions running wild in him.

None of them wanted to accept the reality of the situation they were in. His dark eyes remained stationed on hers. From her features to her facial structure, all was posted on the inside of his now closed eyelids.

How could he allow himself to be in this situation with her? Why would he do this?
This unspeakable deed.............