Saturday, 25 July 2015

Something unique for your big day

It's that time when age is catching up with you and you are still searching.... Yap! I'm there. It starts growing on you when all these hints keep flashing across your face or screens. Somehow good or bad, I am in the event decor business so being part and parcel of weddings is more of a monthly thing. Creating those precious memories for brides and grooms is no easy job, but someone has to do it.

At times we get to sit for the whole ceremony and that is when the reality hits you that you should walk down the aisle some time in the future. At times I'm grateful for no drama while dating but then just having someone to bug you daily or just be cheeky and goofy with is enough to take away a day's stresses. I know you're wondering if I'm now getting all sad about not being in a relationship but there's a point to it.

On my usual Facebook scroll (not much to read on FB), I stumbled upon some video and the link was just all too enticing to ignore. We all know the usual Kenyan wedding program during the reception...

Guests (invited and uninvited) arrive and have their food- at times the food isn't enough.
Entertainment goes on as some MC mumbles on some instructions- some poorly crafted jokes.
Bride and groom arrive and dancing with guests- usual wedding songs and dance styles.
Bridal party seat at the 'high table' (do they smoke weed here?)...
Entertainment goes on- usual Kayamba groups perform, some 'upcoming' unknown singer too.
Unsolicited speeches from those shoshos you never knew existed...
Gift Practicals- by this I mean the bride demonstrating how she will cook/ carry a kiondo. some have even had to show how they will lie on their matrimonial bed... PG13...
Bouquet toss- this is where all the madness begins.

1. The DJ puts the usual Beyonce song... All the single ladies... 
2. The brave ones step up and get ready for the toss. 
3. Remove your heels.
4. Try and foresee the best direction the bouquet will go.
5. Look for the light weight girl than you can easily push out of your way.

The bride then tosses the bouquet and the scramble and partition for the flowers begins. That lady you saw gracefully arrive, is now fighting for those few stems. It starts reminding you of a scene on National Geographic or Discovery channel as lions fight for a piece of flesh from the fresh catch. Weeeeeellllll...... It's about time that we changed the routine. 

It might be your big day but doing something unexpected as in the video below goes a long way to show love and friendship.

It's a video about some bride... yeah! That's too vague. What this bride does during her bouquet toss is what amazes me. Enjoy and brides- to- be, do take a hint.