Friday, 26 February 2016

Kamwana Chronicles 1

It is quite a shocker when a young man, Kamwana, has no vision or goals for himself.  (How unfocused can you be Kamwana??)

Truly shocking when the said Kamwana has a wife and a child less than one year old. Very young family. I wonder how the wife survives. Sigh!

Equally shocking, that this Kamwana has nothing to show for the years worked. Besides, more work years accumulated. Not even a promotion. Not even a change of seating. Aiyayaiiii....

Continously shocking that this Kamwana sees no value to invest or start a business, as an alternate source of income, but he'd rather buy smartphones and be the talk of his workplace.
Any one with a new phone is his rival, through his eyes. Exchanging looks that would make Lucifer cringe in the current tv series.

Quick to eat from what is not his, I pray (silently in my heart) that the wrath of the gods strike him as they have done to the NYS "non-participants", because as it is, mla nawe, hafi nawe. (My Swa teachers would be so proud right now).

Youth, the fleeting time that can make or break you. We want to enjoy the good things in life but no concern about what the future we plan for holds for us. More of like, raha kwanza shida baadaye.

At one point, the Bible tells us not to worry, the Lord will provide... Yet, in another verse, we are warned not to be like the lady who did not have paraffin in her lamp when the time came...
God will provide but He needs you to be ready for that time when He will bless you with His provision.

Kamwana, this is for you, save your income. Invest in something; real estate, stocks, shares or a business.You don't need the latest gadget but one that can serve you well to take you to the gadget you've always dream of...

At the end of it all, I'm a kinda, ish ish, maybe, sorta nice person. Touch the mind of Kamwana to see the sarcasm I bring, his eyes to see OPPORTUNITY. Take a leaf from Morris Mwendwa and he will tell you more about OPPORTUNITY and also teach you about how to speak better English.

DISCLAIMER: Kamwana might be fictional but incase it's you, feel free to wear the shoe. I repeat, might be fictional.