Monday, 18 April 2011

Tears of love

Hi there,
I do love writing poems and most of which are about what am feeling at that exact moment of writing. I write what am feeling in my heart. In times when you feel you love somebody so much, one way or the other, you may find yourself shedding a tear or two for the person. I won't lie. I do that. So at one time when I did, I dedicated this poem to the person.............

A prayer to God, every time I say,
To help you and be with you.
In tears, I end up
Because I love you so much.
And the love overflows
Out through my tears, it pours.

Tears of love so overwhelming
Because I have been loved
And had the chance of loving back.

Tears of love ever so true
Because I always want to be with you.

Tears of love ever so special
Because you mean a lot to me.

Tears of love
That I would love to shed
For YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Adhyambo, I really like your blog. It is so uplifting, I especially loved this poem. It just uplifted my spirits. You are such an inspiration.

    All the best